Often on the news or in real life, we hear about successful people and at times even wonder how they became this successful. Success stories are many a time filled with many incidences of hardship and toils.

However, the more important thing apart from simply marveling at such people is to adopt some of their traits so that we can be a better and more successful people ourselves. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were they or you.

These commonalities can be slowly learned and introduced in your daily life. You may also feel that it is impossible to be as successful others but you can always be improving in your own endeavors. After all, success is by your own measures.

Proven Critical Success Factors

Motivated by their goals

Successful people have something to look forward to and have something to achieve. They create goals for themselves and work towards it. To be a successful person, one needs to know what his or her heart wants and desires.

The next step is of course to make plans to work towards achieving what the heart desires. Tireless and continuous steps need to be made towards that goal, even if they are baby steps. It is normal to feel exhausted while pushing for your goals and chasing your dreams, but it’s the ability to pick yourself up and constantly be motivated by your goals that make you a successful person.


You will not need any nagging and reminders from others, whatsoever. It’s all about you, your mind and your willpower that will not only propel you to success, but this self-driven attitude that is found in many successful people is the one that makes sure your success lasts.

The success that comes and goes in a short time is not the best one can be. To be a successful person, one should strive to get to the top on his own willpower and drive and keep trying to keep his position at the top. After all, it is your game and your fight.

Failure is part of eventual success

There is probably no one successful person who feels that the path to success is a smooth sailing one. Good things come and go and likewise, failure is an inevitable part of life itself.

However, the more important thing to realize is that iron needs to be heated and struck multiple times before it becomes powerful and sturdy. Similarly, it is normal to fail under conditions or if things simply didn’t work out well. But the belief that you will eventually get there is what successful people do, have done and so should you.

Real achievable goals

Like knowing what the heart wants and desires, a steady plan with short achievable goals should be made. Little milestones are a true mark of your progress towards success, like in the case of many successful people.

Big brand names like PRADA did not always start off as being a big luxury brand. Small steps were planned and short goals were met. Eventually, these paved the path to success. Setting goals are important but setting real achievable goals is wise.

Ability to adjust and adapt

Often we find ourselves stuck in a rut while the world appears to change and move past with rapid speed. You may have heard of the famous phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. This phrase is not just about copying, it’s about the ability to adjust oneself and adapt to changes where necessary.

Change is the only constant in our lives and successful people are a true living testimony to this. If you want to be successful like them, then you should study more on those five points that I mentioned and try to apply in your day to day life and make it as habits.