There is a saying that the best years of your life are in your twenties. This is a fallacy since the best years of your life are in the 30s.In your 30s you are still young enough not only to conquer the mental and physical challenges which are thrown your way but your opinions and ideas are seriously taken by adults. You should take advantage of this decade to not only enjoy but, do and accomplish everything you have set your mind to achieve.

The following is a list of things you should seriously be doing in this decade.

1. Health

In your 20s you might have indulged in less healthy habits such as binge drinking and stuff. In your 30s, it is time to indulge in more healthy practices. If you discover any ache in your body don’t hesitate in visiting a doctor. Get those annual check-ups regularly without fail.

2. Dedicate time to the family

By now, you know should dedicate time to people who matter. At this time you know who really matter to your life. In most times there will always be disagreements between families, but this is the time to mend ways.

3. Travel

There is always somewhere you haven’t seen before. Have been to the Masai Mara on a safari? Make time to see places.

4. Dream Job

This is the time to keep working for that dream job. In your 20s you might have had bills to pay hence that job you have. In your 30s is the time to achieve that dream job.

5. Have Kids

Even though science makes it possible to have children after 40 don’t wait since nature is never wrong.

6. Start Saving

This is the best time to start saving either for an emergency, travel, buying that apartment or for retirement. As much as money is not everything, but surely it helps you get what you want.

7. Exercise

Learn to exercise regularly. Have a sport to indulge in not only for fun but exercise too.You can take up swimming, beach volleyball or another sport.

8. Relationships

If you’re not yet in a stable or committed relationship women should get a young man to call your toy boy.Stop eating junk food: You can make money to buy anything in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 90s but you can never buy back your health. It is time to give up on those junk food.

9. Stop smoking

This is the best time to kick that habit of smoking.

10. Love yourself

Be content with who you are. Live a life full of happiness.

11. Sleep

This is the time to start practicing having a good night sleep.

12. Give Back

It brings joy when you give back. It makes the world a better place but brings happiness to your life too.

13. Be brave

Do something that seems scary to you: It doesn’t have to something as skydiving. Do something that tests your limits.

14. Read more

Don’t be those people who haven’t read since they left school. You gain more knowledge by reading more.

15. Meditate

Some people think meditation is not for them, but it is not true. Meditation is for everyone and it is very simple. The benefits are endless.

16. Journal

Take time to write down memories which in the long run will help you in revisiting and remembering them.

17. Personal style

Learn to maintain your style without effort as you transition from the 20s to the 30s.

18. The 40s

This is the time to start learning for your 40s and understand that it only gets better with age.

In your 30s you get to become more mature and more serious with life. Take advantage of this decade to make the next decades to come nit only better but worth living for. What are you waiting for? Start now.

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