Lemon Water like many other drinks has always been a tasty treat for anyone to enjoy. It’s a simple recipe – infusing lemons into boiling water, and allowing it to cool appropriately.

However, did you know that drinking warm lemon water in the morning can have a multitude of health benefits? Let’s get started!

skin-careBenefits of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Better Skin

Taking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning will be able to help flush your body out and overall assist the organs in your body. Skin is not an exception here. With a glass of warm lemon water, your skin will be able to appear healthier with the flushing ability of the lemon juice.

In addition, lemons naturally contain Vitamin C, which can assist in reducing the volatility of an infection or virus. Additionally, the Vitamin C can assist in collagen production, vital for the smooth and fresh skin.

2. A Healthier Body

As just mentioned above, Lemon Water contains Vitamin C, which we all know and associate with the strengthen of our immune system and overall a healthier body. Drinking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning will not only reduce the instances of infections but also the volatility of such when we all naturally get sick.

So for all you readers out there who seem to continually attract the pesky cold, lemon water will do wonders for you.

3. Improving Digestion

Your body does wonders for you while it’s asleep. It digests your food and repairs your body while you enjoy a nice comfortable rest. Hey, your brain keeps your heart beating and you alive! So it makes perfect sense to treat yourself a glass of warm lemon water to start your day.

Your body relies on water to be able to digest food, so a healthy glass of lemon water will be able to flush out and rehydrate your body for an improved digestive tract.

4. Flushing Out Your Body

After a night of sleep, your body has not consumed water, or in fact, anything at all, for the past 6-10 hours, depending on how you readers sleep! Drinking warm lemon water will assist your liver function, which had been working extremely hard for the past few hours.

The purpose of the liver is to flush out toxins, and if assisted by a warm glass of lemon water, the liver will continue to function well and flush out unnecessary substances in your body. Preliminary research has also shown that drinking warm lemon water in the morning can facilitate bile production, assisting digestion.

5. Maintaining Or Losing Weight

Research has shown that drinking lemon water can increase your metabolism. As all people trying to lose weight would know, a fast metabolism will process food faster and overall reduce the amount of fat you gain from eating. Hence, for people trying to lose weight, starting your day with a healthy glass of warm lemon water should be able to contribute to a faster weight loss, or simply assist you in maintaining your weight.

Overall, drinking lemon water in the morning can have abundant health benefits, in addition to simply being pleasurable and tasty. Why not start your morning tomorrow with a warm glass of lemon water?

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