The first date is generally nerve racking, certain preparations and precautions help a good start and to make it successful. The checklist for the first date is not something like a hiking trip packing list, as several of the situations are spontaneous and emotional.

The checklist for the first date ideas that are useful.


1. Suit the Plan.

What you are wearing should always be just right for wherever it is you are going. The appropriate outfit for a beach campfire is very different from the one you should wear to a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant.

One good rule of thumb is to dress in proportion to how much you expect to spend. Low-cost outings like picnics or a quick run to the nearby fast food joint should thus be paired with a tee or a shirt paired with comfy jeans. On the other end of the scale are the operas and hotel restaurants that call for a good suit, if not a tux.

2. Timeliness.

Meet the date at the correct agreed time; it is better to be early than be late. It is not only good, but it shows that the man cares for her at the first instance itself. If the woman leaves because the man is not on time, you would have never known what you missed. This is why the most important point of the checklist for the first date is timeliness.

3. Relax, Make the woman comfortable.

Relax and make the woman feel comfortable. If you are comfortable and relaxed, she will also ease and be comfortable. Take the initiative to start the conversation with a general topic that is easy to talk about and enjoyable to both.

Ensure it is not about a past relationship. Keep the conversation on without allowing a situation where there is nothing to talk about. Steer the conversation to make the woman participate. Adhere to this point of the checklist for the first date to learn more about the woman.

4. Listen and Converse.

Prepare a few questions to ask prior to meeting the date. Avoid the personal questions, for no one likes to reveal personal details on the first date. From questions to bring out an enthusiastic answer. The answers must reveal the general interests of the woman.

Laugh at the jokes told by her even if it is a known joke. Listen to all her conversations without interrupting to show you are interested in listening and are paying attention.

Generally, the listener has the attitude -what is in it for me? However, on the first date, purposely listen with an open heart, with involvement and for caring for your date. Care, for this point of a checklist on the first date, as it is more than a point on a list; it is a genuine feeling of heart.

5. Meeting Place.

The first date can be at places other than a cinema or restaurant. The place can be fixed after careful selection. It can be a place that interests both and makes both relax. The very purpose of the date is to make a lasting relationship. Begin it in a relaxed, comfortable manner to bring out more in the time you spend together.

6. Confidence, Truthfulness.

The first date is likely to be successful if a man goes through the date with confidence. Confidence helps in making the date a relaxed one and the woman develops trust. Confidence should not be a simple show off, but a genuine one.

The play act of not being you has to be avoided, for the truth will be known in the course of time. Nothing positive can be achieved by pretending to be someone you are not. On the contrary, the woman may not like a man if the truth is known.

This point of the checklist for the first date helps to determine if you will be seeing each other again and are compatible.

Nothing positive can be achieved by pretending to be someone you are not. On the contrary, the woman may not like a man if the truth is known. This point of the checklist for the first date helps to determine if you will be seeing each other again and are compatible.

7. Low-Price Love Affairs.

Not that there is anything wrong with scrimping on the first date; it is just that many guys aren’t aware of how to dress properly for the occasion. Just because she agreed to go out with you to a McDonald’s does not give you the license to wear a ripped up tee and jeans from last week. Dare to do that and you will be killing the chances of a second evening.

A clean, plain tee paired with comfortable light wash denim work best for casual nights out. Graphic tees can work just as well, but derogatory statement tees and overly busy designs are off-limits. Solid colored tees are easier to work with and are thus a safer pick. Finish off the look with some not-too-worn-out sneakers or a pair of loafers.

8. Mid-Range Arrangements.

Fancier dates like dinner at a sit-down restaurant or snacks at an outdoor bistro will have to be more formal. Although the mid-range date budget encompasses a wide field, you have two ‘safe’ options that you can consider.

Polos, chinos and a clean pair of loafers were once de rigor for the preppy set, and now they are equally as a standard for singles on the dating market. The combination is clean and crisp, particularly suited for warmer weather and daytime dates like a lunch out or an afternoon at the beach.

Those who date in the evenings will want to don a shirt, a pair of slacks and lace-ups for that after-work dashing look. Remember to leave the tie and the jacket in the car, else you will be making your date feel underdressed. Roll up the sleeves and leave the top button open to make you appear more at ease and approachable.

9. Expensive Evenings.

Any place that charges you more than $50 per head is sure to have a dress code posted at the door, so make sure you take note of that before coming in. Typically, though, a good suit and a clean shirt will get you into most places.

The safest combination of all, the suit paired with a solid colored shirt is good for venues with three or more stars to their name. In addition, make sure you do not forget your tie.


Many women are not sure why they never have more than one date with the same man. This can be frustrating, especially when you do not know what you are doing wrong. There are some simple things that you can do or avoid doing as a woman to help a first date go a bit more smoothly so you have a better chance of getting asked on that all-important first date.

Every woman needs to understand that men think about relationships differently than women. That is not to say that they do not value these things as important; they do. However, their brains are hardwired to process the various steps of the relationship process in a different way.

1. The first thing you should do is allow him to plan the date.

Many men will ask what you would like to do or the will ask for your input, but they do this mostly because they do not want to plan a date that you will not enjoy. Instead of throwing options out there and planning the whole date for him, ask him what he was thinking of.

Alternatively, ask him to come up with three or four ideas and then pick from those. This establishes the role of him being the man, and men actually like when women let them do this!

2. Avoid paying for your meal.

The next thing you should avoid doing is paying for your meal when he has offered to do so. When a woman insists that she is going to pay the bill the man takes this not as a sign that she is independent and able to pay, but that she is not interested.

When you pay for the bill you make him feel less manly, and this is not a good thing. If you had an agreement to pay for your own meals this is one thing, but if he offers politely oblige and thank him for the meal. If you do this, you are sending a signal that you are interested and he will be more likely to ask you out again.

3. Be patient.

No matter how much you are attracted to a particular man, she had better be prepared for patience in the romance department. Men have certain stages that they go through when they evaluate any woman’s potential to be a romantic partner. Any attempt to hurry the process can ruin any chance of a long-term relationship.

4. First things first.

With men, the first date is not a deal-killer, but it is an important event nonetheless. The woman should concentrate on having a good time, regardless of what the duo have planned for the evening. She should be enjoyable, open to new forms of entertainment, and make it clear that she is someone he would be lucky to be around on a regular basis.

5. Things to avoid.

There are certain things that she should avoid on the first date. For example, she should not be overly critical, judgmental, or too disagreeable. Of course, that does not mean that she should just go along with everything the man says. Men do not mind a mental challenge from a woman. They will, however, be spooked by a woman who seems eager for an argument.

6.Comfort first.

Every woman needs to understand that her man has a need for comfort in his relationships. He will always evaluate a woman based on how comfortable he feels with her first, and will only begin to develop real romantic feelings for her once that threshold has been reached.

No woman should allow herself to ignore the simple fact that the male and female of the species approach relationships in different ways. By using these simple dating tips for women, every woman can ensure that she maximizes her chance for romantic success.

7. Enjoy the date.

A date is an opportunity to get to recognize each additional and to get a kick out of yourselves. Have entertainment during the date. Try not to be hypercritical and simply take things in stride. If you do not have entertainment, your date will see and, trust me; he will certainly get nervous which will probably begin ruining the experience for both of you.

Also, merely let your guard down for a little while. Let him see the genuine you. He might or could not like it, however, in the end, he will certainly appreciate the sincerity of the act.

8. Don’t have sex on the first date.

This is something that many women waiver back and forth about, but you can put all of the waverings behind you. You should never have sex on the first date! The reason for this is that in some fashion men are always looking for their next conquest.

When there are no mysteries left to solve in conjunction with you a man is likely to move on. Leave him wanting more. This will not only ensure that he doesn’t walk away feeling like he has yet one more conquest under his belt, but he’ll actually get to know you better and will start thinking of you less and less of a conquest and more of someone that he would really like to spend a lot of time with.

The fastest way to ruin a potential relationship is by having sex with him on a first date, so don’t do it!

Do not just keep on telling yourself that you have been there and done that. Just keep an open mind and remember that you involve yourself with senior dating to have a good time. The first date is not an exception.

Remember, it is all about impression and the conversation on a first date is very important. Asking the right questions and stirring up the right conversation can help you more easily shift to increase intimacy and secure future dates.

By following these first date tips, you will be on your way to a second date and more! Therefore, use these secrets whenever you can.

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