As old age and the sun take a toll on your skin, harmless age spots often appear on the face, arms, shoulders and hands. If you are not happy with the appearance of these spots on the parts of your body, treatments are available to remove them.

This article will disclose to you the 10 best treatments for age spots on face.

10 Best Treatments for Age Spots on Face.

1. Hydroquinone.

As we speak, hydroquinone is the only FDA-approved medication for treating age spots on the face. This prescription bleaching cream is used alone or in combination retinoids and a mild steroid to gradually fade age spots over several months. The use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen alongside a sun protection factor of approximately 30 is highly recommended while using this medication.

2. Lift and Luminate Dark Spot Corrector

According to the Daily Mail, the Lift and Luminate Dark Spot corrector remove age spots up to 60 percent after only three months of consistent use. This age spot remover consists of purely natural ingredients like kiwi, vitamin C, and sophora root extract.

3. Cryotherapy

This treatment entails application of liquid nitrogen or any other freezing agent to destroy age spots on face. As the area heals, the skin becomes lighter and attractive. However, it is vital to note that this treatment may cause temporary irritation to your skin.

4. Anti-Aging Aveeno

This clear complexion age spot treatment cream makes the best drugstore anti-aging product according to Allure Magazine. According to the magazine, this age spot treatment cream lightens your age spots and skin imperfections within just one month of consistent use.

5. Dermabrasion

This treatment procedure consists of sanding down your age spots using a rapidly rotating brush. This procedure removes the surface of your old skin as a new skin layer grows to replace the old one. However, this method results in a scab and temporary redness.

6. Lancome Cream

According to Lancome, this age spot treatment cream takes only one month to reveal its results after consistent use. The cream uses yeast to remove age spots and leaves the skin with a bright and luminous glow.

7. Laser Treatment

Intense pulsed light therapy and laser treatment both aim to destroy melanin-producing cells under the skin without causing harm to your skin surface. After several sessions of this treatment, age spots begin fading gradually over several months. This procedure has few side effects, nevertheless, it can lead to light skin discoloration. Sun protection is compulsory after this treatment.

8. Discoloration Reversal Pods

DDF reversal pods are highly recommended for their effective buffing action. This age spot treatment product packs many antioxidants to brighten your complexion and remove age spots.

9. Chemical Peeling

This procedure entails application of an acid to burn the outer layer of your skin up to the age spots. The most popular acid used is Glycolic acid. As your skin peels off, new and lighter skin takes its place. This treatment results in slight discoloration and temporary irritation. Also, sun protection is recommended following the treatment.

10. Ambi Fade Cream

According to Allure Magazine, this age spot treatment product is labeled as the “Best of Beauty.” According to the popular beauty publication, Ambi Fade cream takes only two months of consistent use to completely remove age spots from your face.

Final Thought

Some of these treatments come with related side effects. Therefore, it is important to carefully discuss the available options with your dermatologists. Additionally, ensure your dermatologist is experienced and adequately trained in the treatment procedure you are considering to have.