enjoy your vacation

How To Enjoy Your Vacation?

When your work is taking over your life and disturbing your family life, it’s time to take a vacation. Get yourself off the clock for a while, unwind and do the things you want to do. Although work has us believe that it is our life and our purpose – it’s really not so. The purpose of working was, is and will always be a means to earn a decent living. If anyone has you believing it’s more than that, then you not only need a vacation, you also need a change of company 😉

So many of us are guilty of not giving enough time to our spouse, parents, children or family and friends. Others give up their creative dreams or hobbies. Why? Because we are so busy trying to make ends meet, earn a promotion, or bask in social success. Whether or not you love your work, you have earned some time off.

Enjoy your vacation is not as difficult as it seems. You might think you hold the world on your shoulders and it would simply collapse if you take time off. But let’s face the truth, as long as we are not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates; the world will continue as it were, the company we work for will not go out of business, and our bosses will survive (whether that’s good or bad is for you to secretly dwell on)! Rest assured when you come back, your job and company will still be there. So take that well-deserved holiday. Go spend time with family and friends. Refresh your mind. Do the things you love.

enjoy-your-vacation-pic2And when you take a vacation, make sure it is for real. Being on a vacation means turning your mind off of work. If on a vacation you are still checking emails, helping a coworker save the day, or working a bit, how would you call that a vacation? It’s simple working away from the office. Your friends and family are still waiting for you to disengage from work and be wholeheartedly present with them. Do not disappoint them. Here are a few helpful ways you really relax and enjoy your vacation:

Anticipate work needs

Yes, do think about work! If you are a workaholic or your job is demanding, you need to plan your vacation wisely. Taking a vacation during a stressful time at work or when business is really busy (an audit is due, you have to be part of annual accounts or annual conference, or any other work related activity) is an awful time. You will not be able to relax on vacation.

Plan your vacation for a time when business is normal and there are no official holidays coming up. That way you will be able to relax and your chances of getting a leave approved will also be higher. Make sure your boss and co-workers understand you are on vacation and will not be doing any work. Be strict and honest about refusing to work – it’s not illegal!

Find a reliable co-worker

Hopefully, you have at least one friend at work or a reliable work partner. As soon as you get your leave approved, prepare a set of work files complete with instructions to hand over to that trusted co-worker/friend at work. That way, there will be less reason for business or work related interruptions during holidays. You will be at peace and your co-workers who indirectly get affected by your absence will also be more approving of your leave. The latter is only for people who feel guilty of taking time off from work and dumping their workload on others.

enjoy-your-vacation.pic3Spend time with friends and family

Make sure you spend enough time with friends and family. Talk to your parents and spouse, go out with them, play with your children or nephews and nieces. Call your friends or pay them a visit. Make sure you have a good time with them and equally important is that they also have a good time with you.

Change your routine

Instead of starting your day with worrying about work and deadlines, you need to do the opposite. Start your day by indulging yourself. Take another nap, have a long refreshing bath, go for a jog, get a massage, make yourself a lovely breakfast, practice yoga or read the morning newspaper. Do things, you don’t get to do during your normal routine.

Focus on yourself

During the day, take out some alone time for yourself. Take a walk, a swim, go for a bike ride or simply meditate. Rethink the purpose of your life, any goals that you might want to reconsider, any decisions you want to alter or a new idea you want to work on. It can be as mundane as changing your routine or as important as changing your lifestyle. Make sure, you are focusing on making your life smoother and yourself happier.

Discuss it with your parents, or spouse or children – whoever you like to discuss your plans and goals with. At the end, you need to be concerned if what you are doing or working for, fits in your long-term goals in life.

Take it easy

Often, when we rarely take holidays, we actually forget how to go about them. If you are trying to overthink and over accomplish during a vacation, you will not be available to relax on a vacation. Be easy on yourself. Stop berating yourself for not doing enough on a holiday or not getting something fixed. It was a vacation, it was meant for you to be free of worries and relax. If you are anxious about work, tell yourself to worry at a later time.


It doesn’t have to be a world exploration nor does it have to be in a hot air balloon. Take your car or bicycle – whatever you prefer – and get out to explore a place nearby. Come to think of it, you never really explore every bit and corner or the city you live in. Maybe there is a great park or a picnic spot you haven’t visited or a new market you have been meaning to explore.

Distract yourself by doing something creative or challenging or something that makes you content. Do something special for your family. Make your vacation about spending time with them and having a good time. Pay attention to their needs, pay attention to their likes and dislikes, pay attention to their talents – pay attention to things you don’t have time to observe during routine life.

Peaceful last day

Have a peaceful last day off of work. If you planned to go away on a holiday, try to return a day earlier so you can ease back into your normal routine. Arriving late at night on the last day of the holiday can tire you out as you scramble to get things in order before work next day.

The list of things you can do to truly relax on vacation and not think about work are endless. You don’t need to plan out every minute of your vacation. Being there in the moment, stressing less and enjoying more will help you make the best of your vacations – so you feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the next challenge life throws at you.