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If you ever thought of taking a long weekend retreat…THIS is it! The year 2017 has been sent as a blessing for everyone. There are quite a few weekend options, wherein one could easily steal a few extra moments for themselves. Give yourself the much needed time off and break the monotony of vacations. Discover new places or discover an old place all over again. It’s time to do the new!

Give the usual sand, surf, and shorts a miss. The world is calling. Find something new t, at excites you and kick those off your bucket list. Yet, if you are too drained to come up with any ideas right away, fret not! We have your back and will get you up-up-and-away in a few short moments. We have compiled a list of quirky weekend getaway ideas. Feel free to go ahead and give these a try. You will definitely not be bored, and your travel-happy-snaps are sure to get all your friends jealous!


Sounds cliched? WE KNOW! But don’t you think you deserve a break from all those city air toxins and a time of true leisure, just for yourself? We believe you do. Hence, indulge in a weekend getaway of luxurious pampering. Feel the warm Jacuzzi break its waves against you. Envelope yourself in sinful body wraps or let the exotic oils give you a taste of ecstasy. Take our word for it, when you get back to work and your Boss gets worked up for no reason, you would sympathize with the poor fellow for not knowing the real pleasures of the world.


If you feel the adrenaline pumping up high within you, this weekend getaway idea is perfect for you. Beat the adrenaline junkie in your soul and head on over to a location near you that offers you a taste of the free and the wild. From river rafting, sky diving, bungee jumping to even taking a swing ride from one of the highest points of the planet, get there, do them all! After all, it is just this moment that you have within your grasp. Seize it and make a day (or a weekend) out of it.



To go nowhere is also a journey in itself. Look up short cruises information online. Pack your bag. And hit the waves, but with a twist. The upside of going on a cruise to nowhere is that you get all the amenities of a top class hotel, with the added privilege of an ever changing view. Chase the horizon as the sun rises and sets, while you simultaneously take a dip on the pool aboard the ship, and lazily sip away on a Long Island Ice Teas. Doesn’t that sound inviting?



Ok, so these are two different options for your next weekend getaway ideas. You could easily combine the two though. If star gazing and love for nature is more your thing, then worry not, we have you covered as well. Treks are a brilliant way to unwind, even though it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, for the ones that have a free spirit or are willing to try out new things, you shall not be disappointed. Moreover, other than sleeping underneath a million twinkling stars and the self-satisfaction of having climbed a small summit, you will return with memories of landscapes that you probably thought exist only in the movies.


You will be amazed at the list of things that you are unaware of about your own city, once you actually get down to the nitty gritties of it all. So, for our next weekend getaway idea, we urge you to go everywhere that you can see. Relive your city in its entire glory and re-love it for all its hidden gems that you never knew existed. At the end of this soul-searching and city exploring weekend, you will be back to work with a renewed knowledge about your whereabouts that would give you boasting rights for quite some time to come. Plus, you would get lost a lot less this way!


The sinner in you is getting impatient by now, we guess. So, for the last one, head on over to a casino for that crazy weekend experience. Pack your glitzy and glamorous dresses and bask in the glory of the moment. You will find plenty to do in most casinos. They have a wide range of entertainment options for one to pick from. Their buffets are to die for. They have live entertainment and if you are truly feeling lucky, hit the tables. Who knows what happens in Vegas? Or any other casino for that matter. But be warned, hangovers may last you into the Monday morning office meeting.

These are our picks for your next weekend getaway ideas. To imagine that you could be sitting in a hotel room somewhere, doing movie marathons, and have missed out on so much to do in such little time. Despite all of it, it is never too late to start. After all, it was said correctly, “If not you, then who? If not now, then when??” So, what are you still waiting for, Christmas?

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