Webster Dictionary defines clutter as a number of things scattered in disorder; jumble. We can also define it as anything you own, possess or you do that does not enhance your life on a regular basis. The following are some of the helpful ways of decluttering your life;

1. Focus on one thing at a time

At times we multitask to get more things done very fast. However, when you try and do 100’ things at a time, some of the things will be incomplete. You are trying to make your life easy, so make it take it easy to have things done in an orderly way.

2. Decide to decide

When you have a decision that is pending, and you are hesitant to make a choice, next it is up to you to take the bull by the horns. Make a decision of deciding on what you want and follow through. Do not hesitate.

3. Ask for help

You are not a robot. There are things you cannot undertake entirely on your own. Delegate such tasks or hire an individual to do things that you cannot do by yourself. This will make your life easier.

4. Make your system fit your life

You have to examine your lifestyle and choose a system that fits you. A good way to do this is researching on websites and books that can help you.

5. Clean out constantly and consistently

Keeping things that you do not use makes it hard for you to get past them and this, in turn, creates more work. Take charge of your things by getting rid of the old ones as soon as you get the new ones. This is very helpful in freeing up space.

6. Sort and classify

When things are all over the place, it becomes very frustrating when you have to find a particular thing but it is stored somewhere, but you can’t quite figure out where. This is easy to deal with. Things that are used together belong together. Store them in one place for easier reference.

7. Organize your routine

When you find it hard to decide on things that you can do on specific days, then it becomes really hectic. A day, week, month, or year may end without you doing some of the things or targets that you might have set to accomplish. Without a proper timetable, you will end up being frustrated. Organize what you have in mind and set specific dates for each activity, make a schedule.

8. Use storage devices to fit your system

Wrong containers make things extremely hard to manage. Label all your stuff in different storage areas. This that are unlabeled cause frustration and are likely to disappear. If it is that cluttered computer with folders all over, take charge. Label all folders and classify them and store them in an area where they are easily retrieved.

9. The basement or garage

Most garages and basements are left without proper arrangements. Where do you even begin? First and foremost, get rid of all items that are unsalvageable. Once you have gotten rid of the garbage, start grouping items together. Take charge of each and every category at a time.

10. Joy is simple yet powerful

Wash your dirty dishes or clothes. Does this bring joy to you? Definitely joy. Learn to do simple tasks before they turn out to be mammoths. Having simple schedules to clean, cook and wash will make your life easy and smooth. Also, try and follow them timidly. Your life will be perfect!

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