Before we can get rid of all toxic people, we need to identify then first right?

Ever been around people whose aura brings so much negativity? There are people who in more than one way do not add value to our lives yet we have to interact with them. These are toxic people; they never bring anything good with them. Toxic people are like blood sacking vampires; they will suck the positive energy from you and leave you dry. How do you know you are dealing with a toxic person? Here are some of their characteristics.

1. Jealousy

A jealous person will, by all means, make sure you don’t succeed and if you do they will not be happy about it. They will try so hard to bring you down and will have nothing good to say about you. Such people in most cases will try to stay close to you to know what you are up to so that they can sabotage it for their own interests.

2. Negativity

Negative vibes are a sign of a toxic person. They will always tell you how everything cannot work. Everything that comes from their mouth is negative from the food you eat to the clothes, all the way to how you style your hair.

3. Leech character

They will stick to your skin to gain from you as much as they can. They are selfish but want all that you can give. They want you to buy lunch every day but will never even buy you candy. The only reason they will hang with you is because they have something to benefit from you.

toxic-people-pic24. Drama queen malady

This sign is very easy to identify. This person’s emotions are over the roof. A small misunderstanding will be blown out of proportion and will make sure everybody sees how bad you offended them. They will make sure they are the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons.

5. Bullying

A bulling characteristic is hard to treat. A bully will go to any lengths to demean you and make you do what they want. They will belittle you and make you feel worthless. Things have to be done there way at all times and they word is law.

6. Two faces

A twisted, conniving and devious character is not hard to notice. This kind of person will stub your back without a second thought.

7. Self-centeredness

A toxic person wants everything to revolve around them. They do not care about you as long as things work in their favor. Everything has to be about them and for them. Their vocabulary starts and ends with “me” and “I”.

8. Disloyal

They simply can’t keep a secret. You can never trust them to have your back at all times. They will abandon you as soon as the heat goes up or a better deal comes by.

9. Judgmental

This person will judge your everything and every thought. Everything you do will be put under microscopic scrutiny. Every time you meet they will criticize you from head to toe and make you feel like they know better than you.

10. Blame shifting

This kind of person never owns up to responsibility. They will always find someone to blame for their mistakes. Such a trait leads to a lot of mistakes especially in the work place, with a lot of “it wasn’t me’s”.


A toxic person is dangerous to anyone. We all need people who add value to us and make us better people. It is wise to know the signs of a toxic person so as to avoid them as much as possible or cut them out of our lives altogether. however, if these people happen to be people close to us then a lot of patience and wisdom is needed to handle them. A calm approach will go a long way in handling their negativity.