Goal setting theory is all about how you set up your goals and how it perform within a period of time. It sounds pretty easy in theory you decide to do something, and you do it. However, in the real life, things don’t happen that way. Many people face great difficulties when they want to achieve something. Believe it or not, the most difficult part is not in reaching the goal but in setting it.

There are three main keys to successful goal setting. If you are one of those who is unable to set goals in their life or simply want to improve your goal setting skills, read on.

Below are 5 best way for successful personal goal setting:

1. The goals must be realistic

The first and most important thing about goal setting is that the required outcome must be realistic. Falling into the “dreams” trap is great if you dream about a holiday in Paris. It is not that healthy however if you dream about becoming a president of the USA and then get depressed because you have never reached that goal.

All goals that we set must be applicable first to the real world and then to out reality. This makes goals achievable which, on the other hand, makes us happy and satisfied with our performance.

2. The goals must be specific

Clearly formulated goals are half achieved. Indeed it sounds simple, but it is not. Many of us are not specific when they set goals even tough they do not realize it. Think about the last goal you have set and you will soon find out that it is not quite clear.

If the goal is big such as becoming a doctor than breaking it into smaller parts as specific as they could be. Then deal with each one separately. This will not only reduce the stress that is piling over you but will turn the whole process into a scheduled, normal life experience.

goal-setting-pic23. Be focused on the performance

The third very important element of the successful goal setting is that they should be based on performance. This way you are creating an environment that you can control. Everything is in your hands, and you have better chances to achieve the goal.

Alternatively, goals focused on the outcome can fail because of various reasons that you cannot control. Of course, the second scenario provides fertile soil for excuses if you fail the scars however on your self-esteem will be exactly the same as with any other failure. Goals focused on personal performance require much more responsibility to be taken however they tend to bring real results.

4. Put Your Objectives In Writing

This is most likely a basic move you can make. This makes you deal with the truth of what you need and what you are attempting to accomplish. When you begin recording your goals, you will soon observe the difference between genuine goals and dreams. Obviously, you need goals in any case. Else, you won’t be enlivened or spurred. However, the fantasies just get to be distinctly sensible goals when you can make them a player in a down to earth arrange.

5. Apply The Process To All Your Goals

This is a piece of a savvy goal setting procedure, and you can apply it to every one of your goals: record them to isolate the genuine goals from the fantasies; check their possibility; consider what you need to do or what you should accomplish them; give yourself a sensible time traverse to achieve your goals; make a move by making positive strides to set you on your way.

Carefully recording your destinations crystallizes them in your psyche. Your psyche can envision unmistakable, clear pictures instead of fluffy, dark pictures. Give your sub-cognizant personality clear, solid pictures and afterward bolster it with constructive self-talk went down by constructive execution. This will help you take control of life and set you on your approach to getting what you need.

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