How is it that so many people are experiencing such dramatic results by just adding a smoothie to their daily diet?” This is a question that has been lingering in the minds of a large number of people. Benefits of green smoothies are numerous. No wonder many people have become addicted to the green smoothies due to the improvements and benefits that come along with it.


Natural weight loss

Green smoothies offer pure nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are needed for quick and effective weight loss. They also keep cravings of junk foods away, therefore maintaining a good body weight.

Drinking green smoothies is a way of consuming vegetables and fruits without even knowing it. So often when you visit the doctor, you will be advised to eat more vegetables and fruits. Most people have no problem with fruits since they taste good, but by combine vegetables in a green smoothie, the taste of the vegetables need to blend with some of the fruits, so when you drink the smoothie without noticing the vegetables.

Easy to make

The only equipment you need is a blender. Identify the fruits and vegetables you want to use, place them in the blender and you will have a tasty green smoothie.

Increased Energy

Green smoothies provide lasting energy. Fruits are known to be good sources of energy but because they contain lots of sugars which are quickly metabolized, they can only give short bursts of energy. When used together with vegetables, a balanced sugar content is obtained which enables long-lasting energy to be produced.

Easy digestibility

They are easy to digest. This is because the smoothie is already blended and therefore the digestive system has very little to do.

Increased fiber intake

Green smoothies use the whole fruit and vegetable during preparation and therefore the whole fiber is consumed. Fibers from fruits and vegetables keep the bowels function well and help in improving the colon health.

Improves skin condition.

The fibers and nutrients in green smoothies enable proper disposal of toxins from the body and not through the skin. This enables the skin to maintain its clear and perfect condition.

They soothe Acid indigestion

Green smoothies are alkaline in nature and in case you are experiencing a heartburn or acid reflux, the smoothies neutralize the acid and put out the burning pain.

They fill you up

It is known that many drinks can leave you hungry within an hour of consumption. Smoothies are different because they retain their fiber and therefore fill you up for a longer period.

Builds strong bones

Green smoothies contain calcium, for instance in kale, which is necessary for the formation and maintaining strong bones.


The green smoothies are rich in antioxidants which help the body in fighting diseases such as chronic inflammation and allergies.


  • Spinach and Apple smoothie
  • Kale, Cucumber and Pineapple smoothie
  • Chia Super Green smoothie
  • Mint Chip smoothie
  • Power smoothie
  • Green Velvet smoothie
  • Blueberry Green smoothie
  • Swamp smoothie

I believe that we have the power to choose in what condition we live our lives. Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting or feeding a disease. So, do something wonderful for yourself and try a green smoothie today.