A lot of people get married with the hope of a happily ever after life. Unfortunately, the hope of a happy ending is soon cut short for some people. Regardless of whether the divorce was sudden or it was a long time coming, divorce is a loss of a relationship, and it hurts like hell, is that possible be happier after divorce?

Just like any other major personal loss, a person whose marriage has come to an end will go through the grief process involving the denial stage, sadness and finally acceptance. After surviving the turmoil of breaking up, many people struggle with a mixture of emotions.

Possibly wondering whether they will ever find happiness again. The answer is it is possible. You may not be happy about the divorce, but you can learn how to live a happy life after divorce.

To create happiness within you, you will first have to define what happiness means to you as a person. Realizing that no one or nothing can make you happy if it doesn’t come from within you is the first step. You have to choose happiness. Make happiness your primary concern.

You will be going through a difficult time in your life, but remember, situations are perceived through attitude. Happiness is an attitude.

1. Look at the Bright Side

Are there times in your married life when you wished you were still single? Times when you wished you didn’t have to deal with a messy spouse who left their clothes lying all over the place or a nagging spouse? If you answered these questions in the affirmative do not worry.

Most of us have been there. A positive mental attitude is a huge step towards the direction of happiness you seek to follow. You can have a fantastic life after divorce; just train your thoughts to be positive about what is ahead of you.

The glass is half-full. Use the opportunity to get a fresh start and have all the fun you can while at it.

2. Spend Your Spare Time with Loving and Fun People

Too often people going through a divorce spend their time with just about anyone who will give them the time of day. This is the time you need to remind yourself that you’re a lovable person and you don’t have to settle for whatever is on the menu.

Life after divorce is a time when you’re vulnerable so you will need to spend time with people who will brighten your days and not add to your misery. You don’t want to fall back into more negativity.

3. Set Time Every Week to do Things That You Like

Do not let divorce stop you from doing all the fun things you love to do, ‘stop on the way and smell the roses.’ Lying on your bed in your pajamas all day crying yourself to sleep is just a way of prolonging your pain, and it is not healthy either.

Use that time of the week to do something you love. It will take your mind off your sad state of affairs for a while. You will even be surprised at how rejuvenated you will feel afterward.

4. Set Specific Goals and Commit Yourself to Achieving Them

A sense of accomplishment is one way to boost your happy feeling. Set realistic goals and work on them .it may even be something you have been putting off inconvenienced by marriage life. Celebrate once you achieve your goals and be happy.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be happy. When you’re happy, you will become a better parent, a better friend, and even an easy-to-get-along-with colleague. Let positive emotions guide you and live happier after divorce.

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