Just to refresh your memory, green tea is made by steaming the green leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is different from oolong and black tea because the leaves do not undergo fermentation during processing.

For thousands of years, green tea has been consumed in many traditions and cultures around the globe to provide amazing health benefits including disease-fighting, improved brain function, weight loss, lowered risk of cancer, stress relief, and much more. In fact, various scientific studies have already revealed that green tea is probably richer in antioxidants than all other types of tea. This article will disclose to you the 5 proven benefits of green tea.

5 proven benefits of green tea

1. Enhanced physical performance

Several scientific studies have proved that green tea can enhance your physical performance. In two distinct studies, caffeine, a component of green tea was shown to boost physical performance by a whopping 12 percent on average. According to the studies, caffeine mobilizes fatty acids from the fat tissues and uses them as energy in order to boost your physical performance.

a-cup-of-green-tea2. Essential in weight loss

Because of its ability to boost your rate of metabolism within a short period of time, green tea can also help in weight loss. Indeed a couple of studies have disclosed that green tea leads to a decrease in the amount of body fat, specifically in your abdominal region.

According to a randomized controlled trial performed in 240 women and men over a period of three months, the group that consumed green tea had a significant reduction in the percentage of body fat, waist circumference, body weight, and abdominal fat.

3. Reduced risk of cardiovascular ailments

Cardiovascular ailments, for instance, stroke and heart disease are among the biggest causes of death worldwide. According to studies, green tea has the potential to improve some of the major risk factors of most cardiovascular diseases including total triglycerides, cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol.

What’s more? Green tea also dramatically increases your blood’s antioxidant capability, protecting the LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation. Thus, it is not surprising to see all green tea consumers having up to 31 percent lower risk for cardiovascular ailments.

4. Lowered risk toType 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes cannot produce adequate insulin or use it properly. The end result is elevated levels of blood sugar. Besides helping to boost insulin sensitivity, green tea also helps to reduce your body’s blood sugar levels. According to a Japanese study, 42 percent of green tea drinkers were found to have a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to green tea non-drinkers.

5. Preserves your brainpower

Apart from protecting your brain during old age, green tea also improves the function of your brain in the short term. Several studies have revealed that the catechins present in green tea have different protective effects on your brain’s neurons, helping to lower the risk of most neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

person-woman-coffee-cupRegardless of how it is prepared, green tea has proved to be the healthiest drink on the planet thanks to its positive and lasting impact in the lives of all those who have come into contact with it. Apart from the 5 benefits of green tea elaborated on this page, this tasty beverage also lowers your risk of cancers, improves your dental health, helps you to relax, and decreases your risk of dying early. It will definitely be a wise decision to consider making green tea a crucial part of your life from today.