You know that believing in yourself is a must when it comes to success in life. You also know that confidence plays a big role in that goal. But what if your starting point is a little or no confidence? This is the time when you start to wonder how to get from point A to point B?
How to Build Self Confidence in your everyday life?

Well, I’ll tell you right away that you can’t gain confidence overnight. It does take a lot of determination for you to understand that you are a good person, worthy of respect and love.

What follows is the list of 15 tips that will solve any mystery on how to gain confidence.

1) Recognize your insecurities

In order to build the confidence, you must be aware of your inner voice. Listen to what it has to say. It’s no pleasant, isn’t it? You feel ashamed and inferior. For whatever reason you might feel that way, you need to identify every negative thought you have. Write it down. And then tear these writings apart. Only then will you start to feel positive.

2) Talk about your insecurities

Don’t hide your insecurities. Get rid of them one by one. Make it your daily goal. It’s important that you go step by step. If you are looking for a quick solution here, there is none. You need to understand the core of the problem. Focus on that and understand that you need to solve it before you move on. But don’t expect miracles here. It’s not possible for you to get rid of everything you feel bad about. That’s why you need to learn to accept yourself, your past and all the circumstances for what they are.

3) Keep in mind that nobody is perfect

Even the most confident people have their insecurities. Because everyone at some moment in life feels that something’s missing. That’s the reality. And you must learn the life is full of barriers. You just need to find your way of dealing with them.

4) Find that one thing that you are good at

Everyone is good at something, so in order to gain the confidence you must find out what you are good at. And then focus on your talents. Allow yourself to be proud. Praise yourself for achieved results.

Inferiority is a state of mind where you made yourself a victim. Don’t be a victim anymore. Express yourself through art, music or writing. When you follow your passion, not only will it have a therapeutical effect, but you will also feel unique and accomplished. Not to mention that by introducing different interests in your life, you will meet new people. And what better way of gaining confidence that to make some friends.

self-confidence-smill5) Be grateful for what you have

It is the feeling we don’t have enough that is at the center of confidence problems. No matter if this is about emotional acceptance, happiness or money. Good news is that you can fight that feeling of resentment by recognizing and appreciating all those things that you already have. And it won’t be long before you see that finding inner peace can do wonders for your confidence.

6) Be positive, even when you don’t feel like it

Avoid self-pity and the need for the compassion of others. Never allow yourself to feel inferior because of other people. If you continue to hate and feel sorry for yourself, others will do the same and will think they have every right to do so.

Instead, talk positively about yourself, your future and development. Don’t be afraid to project your qualities to others. Because that’s how you will cement these ideas into your head. That’s how you will encourage development.

7) Smile to your reflection in the mirror

The studies have shown that the face expression can stimulate a brain to register certain emotions. That’s how, by looking yourself in the mirror with a smile, you’ll feel happier about yourself. Given that fact, there is no reason not to make this a daily routine and one of your favorite confidence building exercises.

8) Act confident

In the same way that laughing can make you feel happier, pretending to be confident will make you actually believe that you are. Pretend to be a fully confident version of yourself and notice how you will feel.

9) Stick to your principles

It may seem hard, but if you don’t have something to believe in, then you have nothing at all. No matter what happens in life, you can always claim that you have the right to the fact that from this day forward, you will stick to your principles.

10) Help others

When you know that you are kind to those around you and that you have the positive influence on their lives, you’ll instantly recognize this positive force that’s inside you. And that alone has the power to increase your confidence. By simple recognition of who you really are inside will help you to become stronger on the outside.

self-confident-exercise11) Do your workout

Although working out may seem like a part of every list there is, I wouldn’t do you any favor by leaving it out from this list. Because I can’t stress enough how important it is for your confidence. Daily exercises along with a healthy diet increase your endorphin level and make you feel happier and healthier.

12) Arm yourself with knowledge

Always be learning. It’s the simple most important lesson in life. So it’s also the key to building your self-confidence. This you can do in many ways.

Learn a skill or two, take courses, read books. There are endless possibilities for working on your education. Take them all and enjoy the results.

13) Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others

If you are bound to make your life easier, you need to understand that a constant comparing to others is a block on your road to happiness. Sure, it can be good for you to sometimes analyze someone strong, stable and confident. But you must not, by any means, spend your days complaining that someone has a better car than you, bigger apartment or salary.

The solution here is not to ask questions how someone can have all of that, but to find a way for you to achieve your goals. Work on yourself, be satisfied with what you have and I promise you, success will come.

14) Silence negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, as well as the constant doubt, are the main reasons of your low self-esteem. You are afraid, always thinking about your problems and that’s how you distance yourself from the world. If you are constantly thinking that’s something bad is about to happen, it will only paralyze you.

Don’t waste your energy on something that’s probably never going to happen. Instead, channel your energy toward development and creative thinking, something that will get you going. Neglect every negative thought and replace it with a new creative plan.

self-confident-take-it-easy15) Imagine yourself in the future

One of the most effective confidence building exercises is projecting yourself in the future when you feel hurt. That way you will understand that all these problems you find inevitable at this moment, are not really that important.

Ask yourself if this is something that can influence your life in a long run. Simply by doing this, you will understand that all these hard situations that you are facing right now are only temporary. And that, in the future, they won’t matter.

So I’m sure that by now you have a few ideas on how to gain confidence. Your job now is to think about these tips and try to implement them, not just let them vanish into thin air. Bear in mind that not a single tip mentioned above is outside of your realm of possibilities.

At the end one thing is certain, you will gain your confidence and sky would be the limit.