Perhaps you just got waved off without a simple ‘thank you’ after you submitted a work to your boss. You are not alone if you are one of those hardworking employees who always go the ‘extra mile’ without being appreciated by their bosses. The good news is you can learn how to deal with a boss who undermines you. Here are 5 ways to achieve it:


Every boss has what drives him or her. Regardless of how hard or tough a boss looks, knowing what drives your boss will help you deliver the kind of result your boss needs. Rather than consider quitting your job just yet, try to learn and do things in a way that matches the core values and principles of your boss. While one boss may allow you the freedom to go about your duty in ya way that suits you, another boss may want to be kept in the know of every single thing. If you do not understand both kind of bosses you will find the easygoing boss upset with you for bothering him or her with every minute detail. The other boss will be upset with you if you take certain decisions without consulting him or her first. Your situation may not be as simple as this example but if you take your time to understand your boss you will end up having less work friction between you and your boss.

how-to-deal-with-a-bad-boss-pic12. BE LOYAL

There is nothing to be gained by making your boss look bad. Your boss will end up relying more on you if he or she sees that you do things to improve their work. You may be working for a boss who reports to another boss. Your boss may be the type that hates writing reports. Rather than expose your boss you can do this. Help your boss write the weekly report needed by his direct boss. You may not get the recognition you think you deserve but two things will happen. One is that your boss will become reliant on you and will not fail to recommend you favorably. The second is you learn some managerial duties as you help your boss out. When the time comes for you to climb the corporate ladder, you would find yourself well equipped for the position.


There is a popular saying that no one can hurt you except if you allow the person to. In truth, it may not be your boss who will recommend you. However, by holding your head high and not getting beat up by your boss’ bad attitude towards you, people around will surely notice it. Many situations in the past have seen the staff of a bad boss rewarded by complete strangers who saw how the staff went about their duties positively despite the way their bosses treated them. Rather than whine and complain, always remain positive and continue improving yourself.


There are times you need to have a genuine conversation with your boss. When doing this, do it with all the respect your boss deserves. You are not telling your boss on how he is wrong and you are right. What the conversation is aimed at achieving is a common ground on how to avoid a work friction between both of you. You might be working for a boss who inwardly has earmarked you for a good position but never says a simple ‘thank you’ when you do something right. By talking with your boss, you may learn if you are appreciated or not. Perhaps you would learn nothing but it is worth the try.

how-to-deal-with-a-bad-boss-pic25. BE PROACTIVE

Always anticipate things and you will rarely go wrong. If you attend a meeting with your boss, for instance, go with a pen and a notepad. Who knows? Your boss may forget his or her pen and your timeliness in lending your pen will be highly appreciated and noted. depending on the kind of job you do, being proactive will get you the notice of your boss as a great staff to always have around.

Based on the report of a Danish study of 4,500 public service workers, people do not just want to leave a job, it is the manager they are keen to leave. This sums up how big a deal a bad boss is. With these 5 reasons on how to deal with a boss who undermines you, you will be able to handle your bad boss better. It is important to realize that you can determine to a great extent how your working relationship with your boss can be. Before you jump ship and leave behind the job you love because of your bad boss, put these tips into practice.

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