Get over a break up never be easy, one of my best girlfriends called me yesterday and told me that she break up with his boyfriend last week and I had spent almost 4 hours on the phone with her to calm her down.

Relationships are very unpredictable this day. Never mind, if you had to go through a break up, I really got your back. All the hope that emerges when starting the relationship causing a significant impact in your life.Getting over past relationships is possible, so try to smile and find somewhere comfortable before further reading. Let’s understand how to get over a relationship in simple five steps.

1. Avoid your ex.

It’s really funny to see your ex begging forgiveness and it feels so gratifying. The moment you welcome such action, you will never get over that relationship. We only have one thing to do, avoid. Avoid picking up their calls and snub their text. If you still have that smiling face at your contact list delete it. Unfriend them in all social media platforms, sometimes these devils tend to emerge from unexpected means.
At this stage, my dear, all the objects related to your ex should be eradicated. Doing this erases your ex from your subconscious mind and will avoid weird breakdowns.

2.Write about the situation.

It’s hard to write about a break up, so start with the things you disagreed with your ex. May be your ex had a long nose that you didn’t like, write about that. Never forget noting down all that you hated about your ex. Remember what was the reason for your breakup. The reason may be so stupid, but note every detail of it down.

3.Talk to someone.

Please don’t try calling anyone, sit with your favorite friend or someone who is good at listening. Poor out all you feel to your listener and be dramatic as possible. Try to laugh at what your colleague. Carry that notes you wrote, if you don’t want to forget anything, will you? Talking arguably lightens your burden and it may be tearful. A therapist may also come in handy. This will clear your mind to give space to a new phase of life.

4.Be introspective.

After you are exhausted of talking, head over to your favorite quiet spot and think about yourself. What factors do you want in your next spouse to be? Think about your new life. This is the phase that gladly cleans up all the destructive experiences left in your mind. psychologists refer it as the stage of healthy self-reflection. Time on self-reflection alone is very productive, so time set aside for it will be very worth it.

5.Try a new thing.

There are several things that you can try in your new self.

  • Maintain your hygiene. I understand you are healthy but take a long, hot shower.Try to have a clean shave or nice hair-do.
  • Keep up with hobbies. There some hobbies that you had been sacrificing for a long them, why not try them out?
  • Wear a smile. Your are re-branded and should be proud of that. Walk with your head high and try smiling at everybody even your opposite sex.

The five steps may be simple but they work wonders. Its amazing to get over your past relationships, so never have regrets and blame yourself. We have to live with relationships so don’t feel insecure to venture into a new one. Just try this and have a productive life again.

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