Everyone trying to find solutions to increase productivity at work and distractions in our places of work can affect productivity. One minute you are bent on completing your current assignment and Boom! Something comes up, and your mind strays off. By the time you decide to go back, you have no clue as to where you left off. Distractions at our places of work significantly affect momentum and creativity. Staying focused is not a herculean task. By developing healthy habits, you can avoid distractions and go on to be the productive person that everyone envies.

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

1. Set Clear Goals

Every important task requires a significant amount of focus. Therefore decide to plan your day appropriately by making a list of the activities that you need to accomplish by the end of the day. Allocating time to important activities helps you avoid distractions. It is always a good idea to go through the list and make the necessary changes if need be. Be realistic about what can be fulfilled in a day.

2. Turn Off All Distractions

Without a doubt, technology is a compelling distraction. Now and then, a cell phone must ring. Your buddies want to know how you are doing and what you are up to. Notifications from social media can also distract you from the work you are doing. You obviously want to know what your friends are saying about the photo you posted on Facebook. However, it is easy to avoid these distractions. Turn your phone off during the time you have set aside to accomplish the task and stick to it.

3. Pay Attention to your Body

You should pay attention to what takes away your focus. What kinds of thoughts happen before you become distracted? Are you in need of a cup of cappuccino? Does a plate of fries fill your mind? As you recognize the thoughts that trigger distractions, you will be able to avoid them.

4. Be Organized

There’s no arguing that a disorganized desk is a great put off. If your goal is to stay focused, how about having all the things you require to perform your current task in a neat pile? Put what you don’t currently need in drawers. For foodstuffs and drinks, have a separate bag and place it where you can easily reach it if necessary.

5. Make Technology Work for You

In most places of work, personal computers have become an essential device. That said, don’t let it be a distraction. Create shortcuts for all the programs that you use most of the time. Also, organize tasks and projects into folders for easy management.
There are apps that you can use to organize your time and tasks efficiently. However, don’t let them be a distraction in themselves.

6. Have Enough Water Close by

Drinking water helps keep you refreshed and focused. Water also helps alleviate the first signs of hunger or fatigue. That stomach rumbling in the middle of your task does not always mean that you need to have a bite of something delicious. Drinking water can make it go away and concentrate on your task.

7. Let your Coworkers Know of your Strict Schedule

If you really want your program to work for you, then let everyone know. They will naturally leave you alone on the hours you have set aside to concentrate on your work. Set aside some free time to joke or chat with friends.

8. Use Headphones

There are many noises in our places of work that act as a distraction. Somebody is moving a chair, phones are ringing, and some workmates are catching up on politics or some other drama. Putting on headphones help ward off distracting sounds.

9. Schedule Breaks

The longer you work without taking a break, the easier it is to get distracted. It is an excellent idea to set a timer and take breaks at the end of each cycle by taking a walk or listening to music.

10. Choose the Right Music

Music can inspire and ease your mind. Having some sweet music playing in the background can help you perform your tasks with greater energy and motivation.

Final Thoughts

Distractions are commonplace in places of work. However, you can stay focused using the ten great ways mentioned above, you can easy to increase productivity in the workplace.

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