From a psychologist, and social philosopher described self-love as the ability to care for yourself and take responsibility for yourself. It is very important to cultivate a good relationship with yourself before you can have a meaningful relationship with any other person. Are you a person who finds it hard to exercise self-love? Constantly battling feelings of unworthiness?

How to Love Yourself Unconditionally?

The purpose of this article is to give you an understanding of ways to value and love yourself more.

Improve Your Inner Voice
The reason why some people are so miserable is because they cannot silence the negative thoughts in their head. Often times it is out of concern about the opinions of their loved ones from whom they seek approval and acceptance.

Other people have set very high standards for themselves and they will not accept anything less than personal perfection. If you’re this kind of person who is always pursuing perfection, whenever you start feeling less than perfect, immediately try to change your train of though and then use that energy on working towards more realistic goals.

If you focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper under the sun it will start to burn. The same way spending so much time focusing on the negative attributes of your life can make them appear more important than they actually are. Instead, speak to yourself about all the good things you’re good at.

Then, stop talking negativity into your life. Do not use a single negative attribute to define who you are. Instead, work on what you can do to improve yourself.

Nurture Yourself
Self-care is a very important step. Self-nurturing can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You can set some time to be alone. During that time, do something that makes you happy, something you love, and something that triggers the feel-good feelings within yourself. It is impossible to self-loath when your heart is content.

Begin to Practice Receiving Love
To experience true love you should be able to embrace it and receive it. When someone is loving, kind, or appreciates you, allow yourself to feel loved and appreciated. Believe that you’re a lovable person deserving of love. Begin to also receive love from yourself by proclaiming love to self. Receive the love from yourself and others unconditionally.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People
Do you ever look at your friends and feel like you’re the one only lagging behind? It is easy to feel that way especially in this era of instant information. You will look at the photos your friends keep uploading to social media and start imagining their lives are perfect. Whenever you are tempted to start comparing yourself remind yourself have so much to be grateful for, and your life is awesome just the way it is. Remember also that people only choose to publish what is right with their lives and keep the rest under wraps.

Build Loving Networks
You cannot do it all by yourself. Get people around you that are loving. Only those people that motivate you and encourage you to be the best you can be.

Learn to Let Go
Learning to leave whatever no longer serves you may be a cliche, but it is so powerfully true. When you hold onto things that only serve to weigh your souls down and kill yourself esteem you hold yourself from reaching the highest levels of self-love and acceptance.

Treasure Your Body
Your body is your most precious possession. Treat it like a loving vessel. It will boost your self-love as well as your energy.

Exercise Self Love
Begin a habit of reflecting on all your positive attributes and affirming them daily. Reward yourself whenever you feel you have made a significant achievement in your life. Make it a habit to be more loving and kind towards yourself.

ForgiveĀ – Forgive yourself for anything that makes you feel unworthy of love. All your mistakes, regrets, shame, and everything else.

Treat Yourself how you would treat a person you love – Treat yourself With love, kindness, and appreciation.

In Conclusion…
Unhappy feelings of a wounded self-esteem will, unfortunately, erase all your feelings of self-worth and self-love. Counter this negative feeling with patient and compassionate acts towards yourself. Begin with baby steps, a day at a time. You will eventually achieve optimal levels of self-love by following this simple easy to follow ways.

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