way to motivate to exercise

There are times when we just do not feel like getting up and indulging in a workout session. Maybe you have tried everything; setting your alarm for dawn or packing your workout clothes in your work bag but you are still not motivated enough to workout on a daily basis. The reality is that fitness is not a fairytale. In fact, it is perfectly okay to take a day off to relax those muscles. Whether you are looking to make your occasional strength class or casually exercise with others in the gym, the following proven ways to motivate Yourself to workout: 

1. Reward yourself from time to time

Vague goals such as better health and weight control may not be enough to keep you motivated. Instead, tangible rewards such as treating yourself to a bowl of ice-cream or a smoothie every Tuesday while have proven to be a motivation for who want to cue a trigger or successfully maintain a workout routine. The brain will begin associating sweat with pain and the surge of endorphins. This way, working out will always feel like an amazing process.

2. Read success stories

Success stories are known to be quite inspirational for anyone looking to get motivated. If you struggle with waking up and going to the gym in the morning, learning that someone else with the same problem invented a way to stick to the routine will also encourage you to do the same.

3. Remember why you started working out

The thought of that designer outfit refusing to fit you because you gained extra pounds is enough to keep you on that fitness track. Remembering why you are truly working out will tell you that you do not want to do it all over again. This is one of the greatest ways to get motivated to exercise.

4. Work out while you watch your favorite TV show

While there are many who may think that this is an absurd idea, it is one that will enable you to work out successfully. For instance, if Law and Order is your favorite show, you can work out on the treadmill while it is on and quickly jog during commercials. The best thing about this is that you will not notice how quickly time goes by and by the time the show is over, you would have worked out sufficiently.

5. Bargain with yourself

There are certainly days that you do not feel like indulging in a full work out session. If given the option, you would rather lay on your couch all day. As such, you can simply tell yourself that you will only visit the gym to do your cardio warm-up and go back home. Once you get to the gym, you will be motivated to try something else.

There you go! These five ways to get motivated to exercise will ensure that you remain on a healthy path. They will give you the inspiration that you need to conquer the track or treadmill. Working out is all about finding out what works for you. All you need is a bit of motivation to get you going!

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