You may keep asking yourself is my boyfriend right for me? male folks just like women differ individually, we will discuss 10 signs which you can determine if your boyfriend is a keeper or not.

Maybe you are in a relationship or you have this hot dude pressuring you to be his girlfriend, well take a deep breath and read on. These tips would let you know if he is serious or just a player, most times these sign are glaring at you, but for love or lust, you can’t just notice them.

Ok, .here they are

1. He always looks at other women.

Though a guy will always admire ladies, a guy that loves and values his woman will not be interested in other women and as such will be less tempted to stare when anyone one walks by. The tendency to look show he is not contented with you, he is making comparisons and a lot runs through his mind.

So next time you see him staring at some hot brunette, know his heart isn’t with you. Oh, he has taken it back.

2. He never calls you, the exact time he promised to call.

It’s very true that when you love someone, you mostly think about them, so if your boyfriend always calls you later that when he promised then, the fact you are not in his thought. Heck, he definitely sees calling you as a necessary evil.

Well, there will most likely be explanations, but the plain truth is you are not a priority to him.

3. He still contacts his Ex.

I know, she called him first and he most likely called back and that’s how it all starts. Research had shown that in a break-up, at least one of the partners still retains feelings for the other. How do we know he is not the one?

4. He is obsessed with himself.

This is one major characteristic of a player, he always wants to look good, though it’s good to look good, but he ought to look good for you. Also if he doesn’t show interest in your dressing or total appearance as he does about his, Then it’s a big red flag.

5. He doesn’t listen to you when you talk about yourself.

A relationship is supposed to be two people been there for each other when he doesn’t listen or isn’t interested in matters that concerning you, then he doesn’t care.

6. He is always about sex.

Though sex is good for a relationship, but a man that values you and know you two will still be together for long, wouldn’t be so anxious about sex. Except he is in a hurry to get his fill of you.

7. He doesn’t respect you in front of his friends.

When a man loves his woman, the persons who could ascertain how deep that love is are his friends. So if your boyfriend disrespects you in front of his friends and they don’t seem to care, then know that they see you as a part time thing.

8. He always parties and tries to get you drunk.

It good to party, but there’s limit to everything, partying excessively means that he is immature and most likely isn’t ready for any responsibilities soon. Then if he tries to get you drunk, then I d say he doesn’t deserve you. He definitely sees you as just another girl.

9. He lies about everything.

Yeah, everyone lies, but a relationship is built on trust and as such both persons need to be truthful with each other. If he lies about a minor thing or just about anything, then how are you sure he didn’t lie about going off to his sister’s place last Friday?

10. He sees you when on his terms.

if your boyfriend only sees you when he like, or asks you to meet him without regards to your own plans, then you need no one to tell you that you are inconsequential in his books.

Check your boyfriend’s behavior against the listed signs, If your boyfriend doesn’t display any of these traits, then congratulations sister, he definitely a keeper.

However, if he hits up to 7 or more of the listed signs, then I advise you call quits with the looser, he is definitely a player and is only after sex. You better think seriously about your relationships and maybe it is a good time to make the right decision.

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