Most people never reach the mountain top of success because they prefer to playing safe in the game of life rather than take risks. This can be attributed to many things. One reason is because people fear the criticism that might follow if they fail.

Another reason is that human beings are by nature resistant to change and prefer to walk the path of least resistance. However, before you can achieve any noteworthy achievement, you must first get out of your comfort zone. You must dare to venture into a world of relative uncertainty, and one which you may not necessarily enjoy. Below are 5 tips that will help you step out of your comfort zone.

1. Form the habit of doing things you do not like

In his essay, ” The common denominator of success”, E.M Gray argues that the common trait among all successful people is that they have formed the habit of doing things other people don’t like doing. Now don’t get this wrong, successful people are not lunatics who go around looking for the things that other people don’t like doing.

What Gray simply means is that successful people are not quitters. As long as a certain task contributes positively to their objectives, they put their sentiments behind and proceed to do it. If you are always doing only the things you like, you can never get out of your comfort zone. This is why you need to develop the habit of doing the things you do not like.

2. Screw it, Just do it!

If you are to step out of your comfort zone, you must get rid of procrastination. Procrastination simply means keeping putting things off until later. People who keep on putting things off rarely achieve anything. Let’s face it, human beings are creatures of habit, and an act engaged in is likely to be repeated in the future. Procrastination only breeds more procrastination. The way to stop putting things off is to just do them.

3. Do something different every day

All of the world’s innovation is simply a by-product of people who tried to do things differently. Nothing new would ever be invented if people followed the same pattern and never did something new. The same applies to stepping out of your comfort zone.

You can not expect to step out of your comfort zone by doing the same things day in day out. Regardless of whether it is changing your daily route to work or wearing something you are not accustomed to, a change in routine will go a long way in helping you step out of your comfort zone.


4. Say “Yes I can”

The importance of believing in yourself cannot be overemphasized. In fact, self-confidence is so indispensable, that without it, you can not do any of the other things suggested above. Self-confidence or the conviction that you can do something is what drives you into action.

The best way to develop self-confidence is to begin by setting yourself small tasks and as you accomplish them, your confidence level will begin to grow. Once you develop self-confidence, you will be able to take risks and tolerate uncertainty and this will help you get out of your comfort zone.

5. Meet new people

It is important to meet new people because different people have different perspectives. Therefore, by meeting new people, you not only increase your network of friends, but you also gain insight into new perspectives. Meeting new people will challenge your current beliefs which are an important step of getting out of your comfort zone.

These 5 tips are not meant to be exhaustive but are rather intended as a guide towards helping readers get out of their comfort zones and achieve success more rapidly. They are simple and easy to do. Step out of your comfort zone is not something that you can do overnight. However, following this simple tips will make you develop confidence and enable you to step out of your comfort zone eventually.