Have you ever came across a thought of sitting in front of an HR team and that mere situation makes you nervous? Congrats, you’re not the only one to experience that. Everyone in a certain stage of their life has their own interview blues. It is a completely natural thing to feel on edge amid a prospective job interview. But, don’t let your nerves get to you!

Follow one of these techniques that will help you stay cool and calm, or possibly make you appear confident that way. Having confidence is vital if you need to make a positive impression on the interviewers.

1. Breathing:

Breathing and mindful exercise can help you stay relaxed and confident during a round of interview. Scientifically, when we become restless our blood flows from our brains as we are on a flight or battle mode, and it makes our intellectual capacities to suffer. So start moderate and deep breath, which would bring back oxygen to the brain and as a result, you can think clearly.

2. Handshake:

Smile and maintain eye contact with the job interviewer as you shake his hand solidly. A floppy handshake can make you appear to be disinterested. Smiling not just makes you appear friendly, but also helps you stay more relaxed.

3. Solid impression:

This step includes anyone you meet on en route to the interviewer’s room, including the receptionist. In most of the cases, job interview usually begins from the minute you enter through the front door. Afterward, the interviewer will ask other staff members to provide their opinions about you.

4. What you wear:

Clothes can play an integral role on your confidence level. They are part of image one creates in the mind of other people, when they meet. So, dress up properly for the event. Go for a formal wear- a suit will work for men. For women, skirt suits or pantsuits are few relevant choices.

5. Body language:

Refrain from squirming. Sit upright and incline little bit forward, nod at the proper time. Make the interviewer believe that you are dependable by maintaining eye contact when you talk. Stay relaxed and quiet all through the meeting. Go for a firm handshake before leaving.

6. Speaking voice:

Try to speak in a relaxed state and not reluctant when you talk. The meeting will go on easily if you understand what you are discussing. Prepare yourself for any questions you need to ask. Practice many times before leave your home and practice your answers to few standard questions. This can help you feel cooler in the real-time. You can rehearse your answer with a friend on standard questionnaire such as why the organization should hire you for the employment.

7. Do your research:

Get a first-hand knowledge about the company, the activities it engages with, work culture, etc. Share your eagerness about willing to work there. Explain to the interviewer why you need the job.

8. Communicate:

Persuade the interviewer that you appreciate the kind of work that they do. Make some positive impression by using your personal illustrations while portraying your accomplishments.

9. Envision yourself:

By visualizing yourself getting success at an upcoming interview will give a major boost to your confidence level. Before you move in, begin picturing a great meeting: envision how you move into the room, have a firm handshake with the interviewer, and answer the questions with confidence. This method will relax all pre-interview blues.

Are you ready for your next job interview?

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