To understand your own self-awareness and emotional intelligence is very important.

Emotional Intelligence (EI/ EQ) is the ability to be aware of your emotions. It is basically how you react to your or feelings and the feelings of others.

People with high EI are able to handle different situations with calmness and just the right degree of reaction that particular situation needs.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you have over-reacted in a particular situation, or you did not clearly express how you felt about a particular issue? Well, have a seat and let’s learn how to improve our Emotional Intelligence in 5 easy ways.

1. Create awareness of your own emotions.

Being aware of how you handle situations will help you improve where need be. For example, if you are aware that you get angry easily, then, the fact that you are aware of this behavior will help you be able to deal with it better.

Talk to yourself as often as possible. tell yourself things like ­­­“ I know you get mad easily so calm down now, breath in, breath out, and talk slowly”. This will help you to handle your emotions in a more intelligent way.


2. Accept your emotions.

Acceptance is the beginning of change. Accepting you emotional mishaps helps you to handle them with more caution. Knowing and accepting your weakness helps you to be in a better position to curb the bad practice.

3. Build up your social skills.

How approachable are you? Do you consider yourself a people’s person? How you socialize with others tells a lot about your EI. Teach yourself to keep secrets no matter how silly they are, build up your listening skills and relate to other people’s situations. This we call empathy. Emotional intelligence involves being able to handle other people’s emotions with utmost care and wisdom.

what-EQ-about4. Be a positive thinker.

This helps you to deal with your feelings in a more calm and positive way. Being a positive thinker not only improves your emotional intelligence but your overall intelligence. A positive thinker will find solutions where others have not, a positive thinker knows how and when to make lemonade when life gives lemons. so next time someone steps on you and doesn’t stop to say sorry just stay positive and tell yourself “maybe they are rushing to see a sick child” or something like that then it won’t annoy you as much.

5. Love criticism and take responsibility

Stop blaming others for everything. Learn to take responsibility for everything you do, you might not have directly done it but maybe you played a very small part in it. Do not take it in bad faith when you are corrected. An emotionally intelligent person takes correction positively and owns up to mistakes. Stay calm in failure and learn from your mistakes.


Being emotionally intelligent means sitting in the driver’s seat of your emotions. Being able to understand yourself and how you react to others will help you to be a better person. Someone said people are like a garbage truck, each carrying their own cabbage, when it overloads they need somewhere to dump it, do not allow yourself to be someone else’s dumping site, take control of your emotions, smile, and wave.