“Give birth to happiness in your own heart”.

Different minds have varying perceptions about happiness. Some people feels satisfaction upon a little work done but some may never feel satisfaction, so the level of satisfaction may vary from person to person. In nature man is greedy and he wants more and more but never satisfied on his achievements. Actually, this is a state of mind that makes us happy or unhappy.

There are different opinions of people about happiness. Really, what does happiness mean?they are the people who mix up the happiness and desires, they even don’t know what and how much they want to be but always think that if it were more than that. Happiness cannot be hidden in desires and modern things of this world if it is then the past people were always unhappy. Happiness is the inner feeling of heart and mind that has a level of fulfillment.

Most of the people or one can say that almost all humans in the world are unhappy because they chase happiness in money but it lies beneath the reality and simple life activities and everyone can get it if he is in right direction. Several things make you unhappy: desires, wishes, misconceptions, expectations, Jealousy, Lack of Accountability, and Perfectionism.

Wishes and Desires.

People wants much more than that which they are able to get or possess. Upon a little effort, they wish to have more as they are not able to have that and this is very true that a man gets that much for which he made how much effort. This is a simple natural rule to keep a balance in the world. Man always keep thinking the future but never try to pay attention to the present, so he dreams of a prosperous life fill of happiness in respect of the materialistic things. People have wishes that may not come true because of some hidden facts and laws of nature, these wishes, desires, and dreams hurt them when one of them is not fulfilled.


Peoples have different concepts about other people and things that may or may not be true as they think of those things. But when they came to know the reality they become unhappy due to the misconceptions in their own minds. They even sometimes never accept the reality and insist on their own beliefs. The silly and dumb misconceptions that you can never prove that also make you unhappy. One of the main reasons for unhappiness is the misconception of Perfectionism, as we are humans, not machines that act perfectly and never go wrong.


An expectation is an act or state of looking forward or anticipating. People feel unhappy when they expect something others than that happens in their life. And it really hurts when these expectations are related to some friends or relative and they act differently or ignore the person.


Jealousy acts a leading role in the unhappiness and makes people uncomfortable when saw someone better and he cannot bear. So try to reduce it by celebrating others success.

sad-face-unhappyLack of Accountability and Perfectionism.

Lack of Accountability or judgment also has the great impact on the causes of unhappiness, this usually as we cannot control the wrong that happens to us but we can control ourselves to behave properly to that. It grows with the passage of time when the people do not pay attention to themselves and think they are perfect and balance in all conditions.

Low Self-Esteem.

Low self-esteem is caused by factors depending on the status and surrounding of the person and relationship with the outside world. Factors such as negligence, failure in life, physical appearance, excessive criticism, and negative experiences will cause low self-esteem to an individual.

Due to Kids.

People will usually feel unhappy when they don’t have their children. If a woman is wishing to have kids but due to factors of infertility or divorce, they have none, they get to be unhappy.

Lack of Freedom to live independent lives.

It is impossible to live happy without freedom ion life. Personal freedom enables you to express your creativity and hence important in life. It gives you courage and the way to find your destination. Lack of freedom makes one a slave and may create disorders in life.

Assuming the Worst of Others.

It is advisable to always try being realistic in life. If someone does good or makes some achievement then you should appreciate him/her.
This is a factor that usually affects children when they don’t receive proper attention and love from their parents. Children who receive proper parental love and care feel more secure and comfortable. They also feel safe and are able to communicate freely and develop good relationships with others.

Never take life too seriously as this can make you miserable. Listen to yourself and become your own supporter and best friend. Ask yourself what is happiness to you? No one works on your happiness for you. You should find your own path to get happiness and life satisfaction. All you need is to reverse or avoid the above reasons and create the life you deserve.

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