Workplace romance has always been a very sensitive and divisive topic. Not merely because people are seeing it from different perspectives, but through the years of its existence, this has evolved and became such a great issue, that actually a few golden rules has been formed.

Here is a short list of the workplace romance pros and cons and why you should give it a try, and why is it a bad idea of dating in our working environment.


1.The one and only
There are thousands of people, who are in their work almost 24/7. From one side, it is very sad, but in our society, this is an ordinary phenomenon kind of, so we basically just accept it. But if we spend so much time in work, why not take a chance and give a try for the cute guy in your office, or for the lovely assistant. It might happen to be, that you find the one and only. So let’s be open about this.

2. Secret love affair
If there is fire between you, the flame can be more powerful by keeping your relationship as a secret. This makes it much more exciting, the little meetings’ in the kitchen or in a hidden part of your workplace, or the texts and the hiding brings a little more spice into the burning desire.

3. Soulmate
As your partner might have the same or similar work as you do, they could understand the hard times, difficulties Besides the personal opinion, the one who share the same occupation, could provide more reasonable advice, and more help maybe. This doesn’t necessarily mean, that they should tell you the answers for everything, but could be more useful supports in our life.


1. No happy ending
On the other side, there is a wise old saying: Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. This one seriously needs to be considered. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should not date someone you have been liking for months, but base it only on physical attraction quite risky, and is mostly proven to be ending with very unpleasant moments in the elevator and in general every day, everywhere in the within the working area.

2. No air
Think about it, do you want to share the same colleges, desks, rooms, coffee machine every single workday? In the first period, this might be okay, it actually could be a quite desiring idea, but with time, if you see each other it might become just a little annoying to see our partners face all the time.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t like each other, but everyone deserves to have free space to move. Also, imagine to see you love joking around with the other college, who seems to be like your partner, you probably would start being jealous, not to mention about being a super stalker…

3. Staying professional (no favoritism)
Dating with a boss or supervisor can happen easily. It is just really hard to see the other’s work objectively, very few people are able to do that. Everyone should be honest to themselves if this would work for them in the workplace, but making exceptions or in the worst case, fire our love can be a difficult task for everyone.