In today’s world of lack of empathy, fast living and lots of stress on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep your mindfulness on a high level. However, this is very important as it affects the overall state of mind, body, and soul. Anxiety triggers hormonal changes which can negatively affect the whole system – your body. Hormones are the key factor in keeping proper functioning of the human organism. Furthermore, no one wants to be labeled as the colleague, partner or neighbor who can’t control his / her words or actions. To avoid seeing your friends’ eyes rolling, practice Yoga meditation mindfulness exercises.

Here are 5 tips and easy ways to start off.

1. Breathe.

Remember when you were in primary school and your mother used to tell you not to forget to breathe slowly prior to school theater performance in order to get rid of the stage fright? Well, moms are always right. The only thing you need to add when talking about mindful breathing is thinking about what you are doing. Breathe in. Tell yourself: “I am breathing in”. Breath out. Repeat to yourself: “I am breathing out”. The best asset of this exercise is eliminating the often awfully boring and persistent mental discourse. In this way, a brand-new page will open up in front of you.

2. Increase your awareness.

Nowadays, more and more people complain about doing things automatically. “I feel like I am always in a rush” is often heard by men and women, the young and the old, equally. Mindful awareness will help you remember how to enjoy life. Appreciating parts of your daily routine as something valuable and enjoyable is the goal of this exercise. You have just woke up. You are getting up and you feel your bare feet touch the floor. Your skeleton is strong enough to lift your body and to take you wherever you want to go. Even more magically, your mind can control all those actions! Stop for a moment and become aware of the immense power of your mind and body. Such moments will increase your appreciation of life.

3. Concentration – yes; multitasking – no.

Sometimes, you must complete an action asap. That is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t make you anxious or you don’t lose control and become overwhelmed with it. Concentrating and even feeling joy because of what you are doing can be achieved by immersing yourself into the details you are performing right now. Don’t focus on finishing the action, rather think about each tiny step as an important part of a successful global image. The worst enemy of this mindfulness exercise is multitasking.

4. Listen mindfully.

Listening to yourself is the key prerequisite to listening to your environment and other people. In return, these are the basic prerequisites to forming a healthy relation with others and oneself. In order to learn to listen to yourself, ask yourself questions like: “How do I feel right now?”, “What are the obstacles between me and my environment?”, “What would I like to experience in this moment?”. In order to be a better listener, ask yourself: “What are the obstacles between me and the other person?”. Don’t judge music, the person you talk to or yourself prior to experiencing it. The biggest enemy of this exercise is the prejudice.

5. Observe.

Often, we think we know the way our house or street looks like. Actually, we only barely know it. Try focusing on several objects in your room. Analyze its shape, color, position and relation to other close and far objects. Think about its role. Think about its visual and energy aspect.

These were very simple mindfulness exercises for beginners. However, please be mindful and take into account that the word “simple” does not mean worthless. Practicing these 5 mindfulness exercises will make a big difference in the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Hopefully, these will give you enough motivation to practice mindfulness exercises in your daily life.

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